Finca Sarita

Creating with a Wild Heart, for Peaceful Change and Art

All of my life, I have been dedicated to social change, freedom from discrimination, and love of nature. For twenty years, I practiced law, fighting for employee's rights and against all types of discrimination. Then, I lived in Costa Rica for 15 years, where I managed an organic farm and painted visions of tropical scenery.

Recently, I returned to California. I was a third generation San Franciscan who grew up at the foot of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. When I left Costa Rica, it was as a refugee with my beloved dog, Wolfey. Ours was the only flight leaving a deserted San Jose airport. My husband, Jorge, had returned to California to obtain a skilled carpenter job with the union because the economy in Costa Rica,  his family's country, had taken a dive and we had lost all of our fortune.

Jorge developed a severe flu in December, which we were sure was the Corona virus. I sold most of our belongings in Costa Rica and was able to move to Santa Rosa in May of 2020.

We are living in a very small trailer, but our landlady was kind enough to allow me to plant an organic garden.

Using the container method of gardening, I have managed to plant at least a hundred fruits, vegetables, succulents, herbs and flowers. I have created art in the garden, with found items---objects which were generously donated by my neighbors and members of my community. I have created miniature landscapes, as well as unique wreaths. I have developed a plan to provide personalized floral design of gardens. I promise to create a lovely wreath or head garland which I will give to my customers, made from your own plants in your garden. I also promise to provide competitive prices to all of my customers. I do this because I am grateful for all the generosity I received upon my return to California, as well as during my stay in Costa Rica.

I have spent my whole life creating art, through oil painting, watercolors and mosaics. I recently created an art piece entitled "Strength" dedicated to nonviolent resistance, using a cross made of pine cones and rattlesnake skin. I also created a painting from pencil, pen and water colors, entitled "Homage to George Floyd".

New Flowers
Spring Roses

"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"



Finca Sarita

3842 Golden Gate Ave

Santa Rosa, California 94507


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